During the summer of 2016, with seed funding from the Mary Duke Biddle Foundation and the generosity of friends and neighborhood businesses, we launched our first ever month-long summer scholarship program, something Noche Flamenca has long sought to do. The program was open to Middle School students in New York City with a strong desire to learn dance, but who had no such opportunity at their schools and lacked the means to pay privately. Metrocards, lunch, snacks and dance clothing were provided free of charge; so, there was no cost at all to the students or their families.

We believe wholeheartedly in the importance of this program and want to offer it again this summer. Middle School is a challenging time, and dance helps sustain focus and attention, deals with emotions, stirs the imagination, shapes the way young people present themselves to the world around them, and teaches that there is more than one way to excel.

Thank you to all those who made this program possible!
Your support was essential.


Soledad Barrio drills the students in proper footwork technique.

TweetBoogie reviews the students' old school hip-hop moves.