In 2011 Santangelo had begun developing a new full-length piece based on Sophocles’ tragedy, Antigone. Beginning with the original dramatic work, Santangelo launched this new collaboration with company members Manuel Gago (singer) and Eugenio Iglesias (guitarist) to “translate” this classic stage play into an evening-length work for flamenco. 

Honoring the Greek tradition of sung poetry and musical accompaniment, Santangelo studied the poetry of Sophocles, then translated and re-wrote the text into lyrics. Gago then created the vocal interpretations, adding verses to enhance the story and its emotional impact. Iglesias was then brought in to compose the musical accompaniment, followed by Santangelo’s development of the choreography for Barrio. 

Antigona is a new artistic step for Santangelo: for the first time he is originating with a classic stage play, and is “translating” one form of theatre into another. He will continue to collaborate with Iglesias and Gago next year to add on new sections and complete the full piece.. Antigona is anticipated to premiere in New York in Fall 2014.