Martín Santangelo - Artistic Director & Producer

Martín founded Noche Flamenca. He studied with Ciro, Paco Romero, El Guito, Manolete and Alejandro Granados. He has performed throughout Spain, Japan and North and South America, appearing with Maria Benitez’s Teatro Flamenco, the Lincoln Center Festival of the Arts and Paco Romero’s Ballet Espanol. He also appeared in Julie Taymor’s Juan Darien at Lincoln Center. He choreographed and performed in Eduardo Machado’s Deep Song, directed by Lynne Taylor- Corbett. He choreographed a production of Romeo and Juliet at the Denver Theater Center. He has directed and choreographed Bodas de Sangre, The Lower Depths, La Celestina, A Streetcar Named Desire, amongst many other productions in Spain and Buenos Aires. He has collaborated with many, many artists, but his most fulfilling collaboration has been with his wife, Soledad Barrio and his two wild daughters, Gabriela and Stella.



Soledad Barrio - Dancer

Soledad Barrio

Soledad Barrio was born in Madrid. She is a founding member of Noche Flamenca with her husband Martín Santangelo. Ms. Barrio has appeared as a soloist with Manuela Vargas, Blanca del Rey, Luisillo, El Guito, Manolete, Cristobal Reyes, and El Toleo, Ballet Espanol de Paco Romero, Festival Flamenco and many other companies. She has performed throughout Europe, Japan and North and South America with such artists as Alejandro Granados, El Torombo, Isabel Bayón, Jesus Torres, Miguel Perez, Belen Maya, Manolo Marin, Javier Barón, Merce Esmeralda, Rafael Campallo, Belen Maya, etc. She is a resident teaching artist at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Drama. Ms. Barrio has won awards from over 15 countries for her excellence in dance, including a "Bessie" award for Outstanding Creative Achievement and a 2015 Dance Magazine Exceptional Artist award.


Juan Ogalla - Dancer

Juan Ogalla

Juan Ogalla was born in Cadiz. He began as a professional at the very young age of fifteen. He was a member of the Company Manuel Morao, lead dancer in the company of Cristina Hoyos, Manuela Carrasco, Company of Maria Pages and many others. He also participated in the following festivals: Festival International de Mont-de-Marsan, Festival de Musica y Danza de Granada, Festival Flamenco de Mahon, and Festival Querencias en Ceret. Juan has performed in all the tablaos in Spain as Casa Patas, El Arenal, Los Gallos, as well as in many theaters in Europe, Japan and U.S.A. as a soloist. Juan is one of the outstanding dancers of his generation.




Eugenio Iglesias - Guitarist


Eugenio Iglesias began playing professionally at a very young age where he worked in all the important "tablaos" in Sevilla. He then began touring with various companies and has accompanied many dancers such as Antonio Canales, Farruco, Farruquito, El Guito, La Tona, Javier Baron, Sara Varas, Manuela Carrasco, Israel Galvan, Mario Maya, and Angelita Vargas. He has also accompanied many of the greatest flamenco singers in Spain including Lole Montoya, La Negra, Chiquetete, La Susi, Carmen Montoya, Juan Villar and El Potito, among others.


Salva De María - Guitarist

Salva De María is the grandson of the legendary singer Antonio “La Chaqueta”. He began with Ballet Español de Maria Rosa where he accompanied such singers as Carmen Linares, José Merce, Vicente Soto, Chaqueton and others. He has worked with Maite Martin, La Chana, Guinesa Ortega, and Carmen Cortes. Since 2001 he has worked with guitarist Chicuelo, Miguel Poveda, "La Susi", Maite Martin, Israel Galvan, Javier Latorre and "Duquende".

Salva de Maria


David 'Chupete' Rodriguez - Percussionist

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 11.24.58 PM.png

David 'Chupete' Rodriguez was born in the town of Osuna in Seville, Spain, he began to study music in his early life by performing as a flamenco percussionist. During this time, he accompanied his brother, the dancer Antonio 'El Chupete'. David has studied in Seville at the conservatory in Triana and received his degree at the University of Seville in Music Education, with specialties in Musical Aesthetics and Theory. He also received degrees in Contemporary Music from Central Theatre at the University of Seville. Participating in several North American tours, he has traveled to Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Austin and Montreal with Noche Flamenca.


Manuel Gago - Singer

Manuel Gago


Manuel Gago was born in Cadiz to a family of flamenco singers, Manuel began singing at the age of five. By fourteen, he was singing in flamenco festivals with such well-known singers as Juan Villar, Charo Lobato and Rancapino. Later, he began singing for dancers, including Joaquin Cortez, Sara Varas, Rafaela Carrasco, Belen Maya, El Guito, Manolete, Javier Baron and Cristobal Reyes. Manuel has traveled the world, singing in Europe, Asia, South America and the United States.



Emilio Florido - Singer



Emilio Florido was born in Cadiz, Spain. He began singing at a young age and performed professionally all over Spain as a solo singer. He has accompanied such dancers as Adrian Galia, Domingo Ortega, Luis Ortega, Belen Maya, Yolanda Heredia, Miguel Angel Espino, among others. He has worked with the companies of Cristina Hoyos, El ballet de Madrid and La Raza. He has toured extensively in Japan, South America and Europe. 



Marina Elana - Dancer

Marina Elana .jpg


Marina Elana began her studies in Spanish classical dance and flamenco with Adela Clara, La Monica and Yaelisa. She studied in Madrid and Sevilla with artists such as Yolanda Heredia, Belen Maya, Isabel Bayon and Soledad Barrio. Marina has performed with flamenco companies across the United States including Maria Benitez's Teatro Flamenco, Caminos Flamencos & Theatre Flamenco of San Francisco. This is her second season with Noche Flamenca.




Hamed Traore - Musician


Hamed Traore is a guitarist/multi-instrumentalist from New York City. Born of West African parents, he was exposed to West African rhythms and instrumentation at an early age. At the age of fourteen, he began to formally play the guitar alongside the bass and has performed in New York City venues such The Bitter End, Sullivan Hall, Arlene’s Grocery, and Rockwood Music Hall. He also instructs yearlong ensembles at The Beacon School. He has composed music for Noche Flamenca’s past three productions, including Antigona, He is currently a student at Purchase College (SUNY) studying studio production and audio engineering.





Carmina Cortes - Singer

Carmina Cortes

Carmina Cortes was born in Barcelona to Andalusian parents, she began to work with a wide range of flamenco dance companies touring through European and Arabic countries by the age of 17. Later, she began to sing in the renowned tablaos of Barcelona, El Cordobes and El Tablao del Carmen. During this time she collaborated with such a great flamenco artists as Mayte Martín, Israel Galván, Belén Maya, Montse Cortés, and Miguel Poveda, among others. She later moved to Madrid and started to work with Carmen Cortes and Gerardo Nuñez. In recent years, she has been touring around the world with flamenco companies such as Joaquín Ruiz and Rafael Amargo, while also singing in flamenco recitals and collaborating in discography with “Flamenco Kids,” Rafael Amargo's “Tiempo Muerto,” Flavio Rodríguez's “Anyway,” Joaquín Ruiz's “Mar de Tierras,” and in the works of Rubén Maldonado, among others flamenco artists.



Pepe 'El Bocadillo' - Singer

Pepe 'El Bocadillo' was born in Madrid in a gipsy family where has give such a flamenco stars as Rafael Farina and Diego el Cigala. At the age of 14 years old he began to sign in prestigious tablaos from Madrid as “Corral de la Morería”, “Café de Chinitas”, “Torres Bermejas”, “Casa Patas” and “Las Carboneras”. Afterward he began to work with a wide range of flamenco dance companies touring through European and Arabic countries. He has performed with companies as Manolete, Cristina Hoyos, Belén Maya, Rafaela Carrasco, Javier Barón, Joaquín Cortés, Antonio Canales, Manuela Carrasco, Eva la Yerbabuena, Antonio y Manuel Reyes, José Maya, Alfonso Losa, Rocio Molina, Farruquito, Isabel Bayón.

Pepe el bocadillo.jpeg


Mayte Maya - Singer

Mayte Maya

Mayte Maya was born in Sacromonte, Grenada, was born into a flamenco dynasty who have been dedicated to the art of flamenco since the 1800's. Mayte is the daughter of dancer Granadino Bienvenido Maya "El Bienve" and the singer Maria "La Coneja. At the early age of 4 years old, Mayte took her first artistic steps in the tablao “El Flamenco de Godaimas." She went on to sing at the most important tablaos in Spain, such as Bermejas Cafe de Chinitas, Corral de la Pacheca, and Casa Patas, amongst many others. Mayte has worked with a large cannon of artists including Juan Ramirez, Manolo Sanlucar, Joselillo Romero, Juan Andres Maya, Antonio Canales, Ray Heredia and many more. Mayte has worked in numerous flamenco companies, including the company of Rafael Amargo. She collaborated with Manolo Sanlucar to create the album "Tauromaquia."